My Pets…

In trying to think about what I was going to blog about this time I realized that I’ve added a new friend to my links. She is an author and has 5 published books that I’m aware of. Here is her site: Darlene Arden’s site … she also has a blog called PerPETually Speaking which is also about dogs and cats.  So, to honor her being added to my links, I thought I’d write this blog about my own pets.

Currently we have 4 dogs: Lady, Jazmin, Joey and Kelso  and 2 cats: Kiara and Mia. Whew, at the moment the animals outweigh the people in the house…and it’s starting to show by all the pot-holes dug in the back yard. If anyone has any tips on how to stop a dog from digging…please, please share!! Darlene?

Here’s a picture of our 4 pets (actually, this was a picture taken before we got Kelso, so the little black dog you see is Riley who now lives in California with my son 🙂

I’ll start by introducing each of our pets to you. The first one is our matriarch of our little animal kingdom, Lady Diana. Lady is 11 years old, she’s named after Princess Diana.  She is our guard dog. Her favorite job/fun-time activity is guarding the yard, guarding the house, keeping it safe mostly from flies, squirrels and the occasional box turtle that ventures up to our fence (from the woods behind our house). If I even sit on in the grass in the backyard, there’s Lady either sitting directly next to me or standing overtop of me…guarding me from whatever. It’s her passion in life! She’s been a wonderful dog. We have endearingly given her a theme song: “Secret Agent, Man”. It fits her well. Here’s our Lady Diana…

Lady Diana

Then there’s Jazmin (our Border Collie mix). She’s not into guarding anything really, although she does bark at anything and everything that moves inside our house, outside our house, down the street from our house, in the next neighborhood…you get the picture.

Jazmin is our party animal. If there’s fun to be had, she’s a part of it! Always ready to play, chase the ball, run and jump–that’s Jazmin! Speaking of Jumping, Jazmin is a natural jumper. She can scale a 4 foot fence as if it was not even there. With the breeze that she scales the 4 foot fence, I’m sure she could go higher – I’ve just never seen her do it!

Jazmin has had no formal training in herding at all, but one time we took her to a pasture where horses used to roam and she about went crazy. Immediately she went into herding mode…it was as if she’d herded animals all her life! Amazing! Jazmin’s theme song is: “Girls just wanna have fun.” 🙂  Here’s our Jazzy:

Jazmin Marie

Jazmin Marie

I think I’ll just talk about these two for now….Joey and Kelso, Kiara and Mia will be another post on another day 🙂

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