Florida sunshine and other stuff…

This will be one of those posts where I say alot of stuff about nothing…so, just fair warning before you read any farther. I tend to like reading those kinds of posts because you  see into someone’s thoughts, a little bit into their heart, but definitely you see more of an unpolished, unprotected, uncut side of a person than the normal, well-thought out blog.

Anyway….this one is raw, uncut….cuz that’s just how I’m feeling today. I want some of Lisa’s cream puffs, and maybe I’ll just take my lawn chair on over to her house and sit by the mailbox too 😉  Lisa’s Blog .

Today is Wednesday… tonight I will probably watch Lost (all by myself because Jen has lost interest and Vee isn’t caught up enough yet….I think she’s on Season 4). Tomorrow night is The Office. I love The Office…I love Gilmore Girls — they are both sooo good when you need a laugh! Why they (whoever they are) decided to stop producing Gilmore Girls, I’ll never know. Honestly, there is such a Gilmore Girl following, it was really a rather stupid decision to cancel the show….really stupid…stupid, stupid, stupid!!

It was a beautiful day today. Brilliant blue skies, a perfect breeze, not-too-hot, not-too-cold! Boone and I just sat outside in the grass/dirt and enjoyed being out there! Boone watched the dogs play while I noticed this bird building a nest (or attempting to anyway) in my birdhouse. Silly bird! Doesn’t this bird know that this bird house is like an overstuffed burrito from MOE’s and he can’t really fit a nest in there until it gets cleaned out? Just last week I was thinking “I’ve gotta clean that bird house out”…not a small undertaking though. This birdhouse sits on the top of a 25 foot pole. The squirrels have taken over in years gone by. In fact, two years ago I got it in my head that I was going to clean out the birdhouse and I actually took it down from it’s pole! As I was doing so though, a baby squirrel…well, a teenage squirrel rather, fell out of it and went scurrying into the woods behind my house. Needless to say, I put the birdhouse right back up and left it alone. But now the sides are popping out with all the junk the squirrels have carried in there. Little bird…don’t build your nest just yet!!

Took a nap this afternoon (during Boone’s nap)…it felt good. But waking up from a nap always leaves me very groggy. Nothing, however, that coffee can’t cure! 🙂

Another day gone….ever feel like the days go too fast and you haven’t done enough that day!? One thing is for sure, I haven’t done enough dishes lately!! I realized tonight that there’s a pattern to my dish washing adventures! I do really good washing dishes and loading the dishwasher until the day it’s full and I run the diswasher. I hate….really hate….I mean really really hate…unloading the dishwasher. I’d much prefer to load it. I don’t understand this about myself because the dishes are clean! Why would I rather mess around with dirty dishes than touch clean ones to put them away?? I don’t know! But that’s the way it is. So, what happens is…the dishes get done until the point where the dishwasher needs to be unloaded. Then I begin to put it off and the dishes begin to pile up!! Tonight the dishes are piled up…getting kinda high, actually…I’m so extremely good at this thing called housework  Thank you, thank you!

I’m thinking…very seriously…of calling a landscape service to rescue me from my overgrown yard. I was doing really good keeping up with that to…but alas, I’m losing the race. $50.00 to totally deleaf and mow my grass while at the same time trimming all my hedges (which stretch across the entire back of my yard) seems extremely reasonable to me! Ah-ha…they quoted me a price without actually looking at my backyard Big smile

They may change their mind after they actually see it. Well, that’s my mindless, rambling, lots of stuff about nothing blog. Did I even mention the Florida sunshine???

“Florida sunshine”  Flowers Cool

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