Stevia…the natural sweetener…

Okay, as promised, I am going to give Stevia a post all it’s own. Before my latest gardening adventure (see previous posts) I really knew nothing about Stevia. However, I have researched the plant and like what I’ve found out…it’s a pretty cool plant.

Stevia is actually a part of about 240 other herbs and shrubs in the Sunflower family (wow…who knew?).  Before we go any further, here’s a picture:

Stevia Rebaudiana

Stevia Rebaudiana

The extracts from the leaf of this plant are 300 times sweeter than sugar…with NO calories…and supposedly no side-affects! Hmmmm…. I like it already! Rebiana is the trade name for the sweetener that they have already created from this plant. Truvia is the consumer brand name for the Cargill and The Coca-Cola Company version of this sweetener 🙂  and PureVia is the PepsiCo and  Merisant Company brand name of the sweetener. Okay, now you have no excuse not to try it :).

Anyway, there’s a lot of research out on this remarkable plant now, if you care to look at it: Stevia article #1Stevia article #2 , Stevia article #3 ,

Believe it or not, there are even You-Tube videos out about it:  You Tube #1 , You Tube #2 and several others…just go to You-Tube, you’ll see them there 🙂

Okay, now you’re semi-educated on this plant. And I have it in my garden :).

I’ll let you know how well it sweetens my food 🙂

Stevia in my garden :)

Stevia in my garden 🙂

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2 Responses to Stevia…the natural sweetener…

  1. Lisa says:

    The commissary has been carrying Truvia for about a month now.

    What kind of aftertaste did the leaf itself have? I know it taste like something other than just sweet!

  2. Victoria says:

    The leave was very sweet….very sweet!! I chewed one, and of course, it tasted green as well, but surprisingly not as green as you’d expect. I didn’t really notice much after taste at all. It really wasn’t like chewing on a typical leaf.

    Remember when it’s used for sweetening, you don’t use the actual leaf directly in things. I guess you could if you were making a sauce….use it sorta like a bay leaf….which you would remove before serving the sauce. However, when it’s used for sweetening you would actually boil the leaves in water and then use the water as a sweetener. The first You-Tube video actually explains this (about 1/2 way through).

    Come on over and try one for yourself 🙂

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