My Garden…Part 2

I think I left off with the word PAINSTAKINGly! (: taking pains : expending, showing, or involving diligent care and effort). That’s putting it mildly. For 4 weeks I hand dug out 3 big black, 33-gallon-sized, garbage bags of these “lovely” weeds! That was just from one of my boxes (which probably measure 6ft x 10ft).

There was a point where I almost decided it wasn’t worth it…would I ever win this battle over this “beautiful weed”? But then it became the principle of the thing…I was not going to be defeated by a silly weed. Even though it’s white, rattlesnake tail-like tubular roots went down into the ground at least 3 feet…I would prevail!

I know what you’re thinking at this point 😉 … “Lighten up…don’t get so intense about a silly weed…it’s just a weed man!” And, you’re right (if that’s what you’re thinking 😉 )  But when you’re alone in your garden with this invasive monster-producing weed that seems to be multiplying as you are pulling it out you begin to become a little crazed, and in your mind, you are no longer in your garden fighting a weed, but off in space protecting your “garden”  from some alien intruder and as you point your laser gun at a Cylon all Battlestar Galactica – like….. Shy uhmmmm….. {clears throat} sorry… well, I think you get the picture. This weed was not going to defeat me.

I won’t bore you any longer…it’s time to see the finished project:

Almost there....

Almost there....

My garden

My garden



Lisa's favorite ... Cilantro :)

Lisa's favorite ... Cilantro 🙂



Basil (next to Cumin and of my fav. spices)

Basil (next to Cumin and of my fav. spices)

Peppers - Cayenne, Chili, sweet banana, and sweet bell

Peppers - Cayenne, Chili, sweet banana, and sweet bell



I will also have cucumbers and another plant called Stevia. However, I’m going to give Stevia a post of its own. I’ve never grown it before, but it’s got some qualities that I think deserve it’s own space. So, until later…. One box  down, a compost pile, 2 more boxes and the side of my yard to go…..the saga will continue!

Enjoy your day! Go outside and do some gardening Roll eyes Big smile

P.S. I almost forgot…one of the best parts about gardening… as soon as I got my garden all planted, guess what?? The temperatures dropped into the 30’s yippee….so here’s my garden today You crazy?


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4 Responses to My Garden…Part 2

  1. Lisa says:

    No likey cilantro! Nasty soap-weed!

    I sometimes get this box of organic salad greens at the commissary. All different shapes and colors and sizes of baby greens, and honestly, they all taste pretty much the same to me…unless I get a bit of cilantro in my mouth. I can tell if even a tiny bit of it got mixed into my bite. I really want to like the stuff, but it keeps being so daggone noxious…

  2. vickyvp says:

    Yes, I know the plastic box of organic salad greens 🙂 I buy those too, only from Walmart…. I think the purpose of them is really health…they are healthy for you….they do taste very similar and to be honest, they are more bitter than the regular old iceberg lettuce. My favorite lettuce is the butter …. something. Can’t think of the name right now, but it’s really good.

    BTW….cilantro has absolutely NOTHING to do with soap 😉

  3. Yvonne says:

    I love basil too! One of my favourite herbs… do you use all the herbs in your garden to cook?

  4. Victoria says:

    Yes, I love using herbs to cook! I especially like cumin, basil, rosemary and cilantro. I use them fresh as well as dry them out and store them for the winter. If I grow them in the summer, I usually have enough for all winter long 🙂

    What herbs, spices do you like?

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