My Garden :) – Part 1

I finally did it!! What did I do? Well, I got my garden planted. If you haven’t talked to me lately, then you don’t fully understand the struggle that I’ve had with this issue….let me explain. For those of you who have already heard this, please just….well…hear it again? 😉

It all started a year ago when I got my garden ready (with help from Chip and Kyle). Here’s what it looked like back then:

My Garden in the beginning

See that nice compost pile back in the left corner? See those garden boxes that are totally weed-free??

Well…unfortunately, just as soon as I was ready to plant those boxes with wonderful vegetables, we realized that we were moving to Las Vegas! (Viva Las Vegas, Baby!) …. What the hell!

To make a long, hard story shorter….after a year we came back. However, there is this weed in Florida that I didn’t know anything about before. It’s called “Florida Betony or Stachys Floridana”. It’s a cute little plant that has mint-like leaves and pretty, delicate lavendar flowers. However, don’t be fooled by its beauty or it’s ability to spread quickly. I know what you’re thinking…it would make a really nice ground cover for those really frustrating areas where grass won’t grow (not that grass grows very well anywhere in Florida except golf courses) ….NO, don’t do it!!….It’s the devil plant in disguise!! Don’t fall for it’s charm!!

In case you might have been blessed with this plant/weed as well, here’s a picture, so you can diagnose your own yard/garden area:

Florida Betony (nickname: Devil plant ;) really nickname is rattlesnake plant)

Florida Betony (nickname: Devil plant 😉 really nickname is rattlesnake plant)

The tubular root system that spreads like wildfire!

The tubular root system that spreads like wildfire!

Florida Betony Stachys Floridana

Florida Betony Stachys Floridana

Well, in a year’s time, this lovely weed took over the side of my yard, my compost pile, and two of my three garden boxes!

So, for the past 4 weeks I have been painstakingly pulling the weed and digging (by hand) every single tubular bulb out of the ground!! Did I mention the word PAINSTAKINGLY??

…to be continued 🙂  Boone is calling 🙂

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