Shopping for Prom….

This afternoon the girls and I went shopping for a prom dress for Jen. I was thinking that waiting until it was this close to prom would be a really good thing because there might be some last minute sales. Boy, was I wrong….not only were there no sales….there were no dresses at all in the stores! We visited 3 stores and the racks were not only bare, but they looked as if they hadn’t even carried prom dresses this year.  In the last store I even asked one of the sales clerks if they had any prom dresses. The expression on her face told me that either she had never been to prom and therefore didn’t know what I was talking about, or like she wanted to scold me for waiting so long to get a dress. When she opened her mouth, I realized that it must be the first choice…she really didn’t seem to know what prom was.

However, after searching the store we soon discovered that this store didn’t have any prom dresses either. So, Jen, Vee and I all piled back in the car to drive to the mall in Ft. Walton. Realizing it was 5:30 pm and that the stores all close early on Sunday…we drove as fast as we could. But, alas, the mall was closed. 😦

Now we could have walked away defeated by this experience, and I must admit that there was some discouragement going on. However, Jen quickly suggested that we “put it in a bubble” and blow it away….(just a little thing we started when the kids were younger to blow our troubles away).

Well, it worked and we ended up driving back to Destin to go and see “Monsters vs Aliens 3-D” ….. very cute movie….totally enjoyed it!

Prom is still right around the corner, but there are still stores we haven’t checked and tomorrow is another day! 🙂

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2 Responses to Shopping for Prom….

  1. Lisa says:

    JC Pennys had lots a month ago, and so did Dillards. As far as I know those are just about the only places in the mall carrying prom dresses. Hannah’s came from Penney’s. Unless you luck out at Ross, those are just about your only choices unless you head to the bridal shops, but at that point you’ll be spending MAJOR bucks!

  2. VickyVP says:

    Thanks, Lisa…Ross had NOTHING!! Which I find very unusual. We’ll check JC Penneys and Dillards…also, Sears usually has some too! Can’t afford the bridal shops!!

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